Try reflexology for the best night’s sleep ever

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Try reflexology for the best night’s sleep ever


I don’t know about you, but I’m waking up a lot earlier since the weather has been so warm and we are leaving curtains and blinds open in an attempt to get some air in our bedrooms! I usually wake refreshed to the sound of birdsong outside the window and look forward to a lovely Summer’s day!


Sadly, I know not everyone will wake up today having had a peaceful night’s sleep. Insomnia and sleeplessness are scarily common conditions these days, posing potential risks to mental and physical health. In fact two thirds of UK adults suffer from disrupted sleep and nearly a quarter manage no more than five hours a night*.


Reflexology for insomnia

As a reflexologist, I treat several clients who have difficulty sleeping. Some of them struggle to fall asleep; others can drift off but cannot stay asleep, waking frequently during the night. This is insomnia. And when you wake during the night all your problems and worries can feel ten times bigger.


When you don’t have enough sleep you can become irritable, grumpy and low on energy, perhaps dependent on caffeine. Tiredness makes driving dangerous and you might find it hard to concentrate on your work. Do you remember the classic episode of Friends where Chandler falls asleep in his meeting and unknowingly agrees to go and work in Tulsa?


The key to a peaceful night’s sleep

The health benefits of reflexology are wide-ranging and vary by client. However, a peaceful and serene night’s sleep is probably the most common. Even after their first treatment most clients achieve a restful, quality night’s sleep. Treatment generally relaxes muscles throughout the whole body and helps your brain to switch off. If stress is the root cause of your insomnia, reflexology is also proven to reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and reduce anxiety .


These are a couple of recent client testimonials that prove it:


“What an amazing treatment I’ve just received. I don’t actually know how long I will be staying awake as I’m somewhere on a cloud right now!”


“I loved my treatment, it was incredibly relaxing and although it was lymph drainage in my foot I was concerned about, Zoë also picked up on a shoulder issue I had not mentioned. I have slept like a baby since and for the first time in weeks woke up minus the stiff neck my shoulder problem had been causing.”


Getting to the root of your sleeping difficulties

There are various pressure points in the foot that I will focus on to promote better sleep. This really depends what you believe the source of your insomnia or sleeplessness to be.


  • Brain – focusing here helps to relieve mental stress, worry and fear.
  • Solar plexus – massaging this area can calm your breathing and also reduce anxiety.
  • Circulatory systems – if your sleep problems are caused by restless legs syndrome, massaging this area can help to relieve symptoms.
  • Stomach – can reduce discomfort caused by problems in the gut that may prevent you catching a natural sleep.


By exploring different areas of the foot your reflexologist might discover areas of tenderness, pain or muscular tension. If you’re unsure what’s causing your sleeping disorder this exploration could get to the root of your problem.


Many people discover reflexology as a last resort, having tried expensive therapies or resorted to sleeping pills. Reflexology is a completely natural, non-invasive treatment that gives you more energy to go about your daily routine. I can’t promise that reflexology will stop the kids waking you in the night. But with regular reflexology treatments, you can unlock the door to a deeper, more natural sleep. Feel free to give me a call to chat more  x


*Source: Office for National Statistics